when medical professionals ignore older women

Ignoring the Old Lady

Yes, I’m angry.

I have every right to be angry. This whole month would have been easier if anyone, especially my doctors and my nurses, had listened when I said I was lightheaded and feeling as though I was going to pass out.

I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. On Sunday, my oxygen saturation was 89 percent. Yes, I do expect medical professionals to respond when I complain that I’m too dizzy to drive. Two weeks ago, the nurse wrote a note telling my boss I didn’t have to work, but she didn’t investigate why I couldn’t stand upright without feeling like I was blacking out.

I’m angry.

I wandered about in my pajamas, struggling to think clearly for two weeks, not feeling well at all, wondering if I was going to die.

I didn’t have to feel that way. I’m pretty sure it was the pyridium, but the urologist and her nurses didn’t respond to my complaints. They didn’t even call me back when I called them.

I’m tired. I feel like I could sleep for a week. I’m going to go sleep for a week.

Thank you for listening, jules