I swear, if I could write the same book over and over the way a good romance novelist does, I would. But, I can't, so if you like what you read in one of my books, you might like what you read in another. Maybe you won't like my spirituality because you're an atheist. Seriously, it's fine with me if you're an atheist. I think skepticism is healthy. But for me there's this one thing: every single time I look closely at the world, yes, all the biology, physics, chemistry, and interpersonal relationships, I get euphoric and am convinced that God is there in the middle of it, making miracles, centering beauty, and waking people up in the middle of the night so they can learn to use their gifts in the name of love. Maybe you won't like my politics because people are messing up all of that beauty and love. But, like Fred Rogers said, while we're working and expressing our opinions, we can look at all the good that people do. Or maybe you'll hate my political views in general. In that case, you're going to love my poetry.


Angry Housewife Fights Tyranny

Yeah, I'm one of those #resistors. I hate what's happening in the White House so much, I wrote a book about it.

Church Chat Cover 3.jpg

Church Chat: An Awkward Spiritual Journey

My spirituality doesn't have to be normal, does it? Think about it. Is yours? Really?

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Little Rocks

My son told me that poetry is dead. No! Not the poetry!