Chocolate and Dry Salad

All Chatty thoughts seem to have been put aside at my house. See, we have house guests coming to visit soon so my vacation will be taken over with cleaning and cooking and being unnaturally cheerful instead of reading and lounging. Our water is still off because our new pump failed. The company responsible for the warranty can't come until September and some other guy who probably can't honor the warranty still can't come until Wednesday. It looks like a Yelp moment for our September plumber, don't you think? And now, we've got some kind of sewage smell downstairs coming from the sinks.

Downstairs is where our house guests will be sleeping for six nights. 

There is some karma in this story, isn't there?

I'm also feeling a little better because I'm eating chocolate along with my greens and cranberries, Lily's Dark Chocolate. No sugar, dudes. I'm not cheating. It's surprising how much dry salad a person can get through by alternating it with bites of dark chocolate.

Thank you for listening, jules