Clumps and Turds

What do you do when you have a cat that finally wants to be petted, but rolls in the litter box right after you clean it? I mean, what does it mean for a litter box to be clean, anyway? All I do is sift the clumps and turds out of the box and throw them into the kitchen garbage where they sit and stink up my kitchen for an hour and a half because the boy refuses to get off his video game in the middle of a mission to empty the garbage.

I only change all the cat litter in the box when it starts to smell even after all the clumps and turds are cleared out.

Am I supposed to empty the whole thing every time? Am I supposed to wash it, bleach it, and wipe it dry every single fucking time the cat pees in there? Who does that?

I might have to.

Thank you for listening, jules