A Quivering Pickle

Suddenly, I’m a judge?

Somehow, someone applied voltage to my ordinarily inert state and my electrons have jumped into a higher orbit, something like the way a neon bulb lights up when you plug it in. Did you know a pickle will do that too, but you have to be really cautious about applying voltage to that pickle quivering there on a plate. Make sure it’s a ceramic plate so you don’t get zapped by electricity trying to go to ground. Seriously. And turn the lights off so you can see the glow.

Tomorrow at 2pm, I’m going to be a poetry judge at the Poetry Coffeehouse competition at the KCLS Redmond Library! Me. Imagine that. Either somebody thinks I can write or nobody else would show up and I was the dope who felt honored enough to say yes anyway.

Then on Sunday, I’m going to host the haiku booth at the Cinco de Mayo festival at the new Downtown Park in Redmond. That, I can do. I’m good at standing there while people work. I can be encouraging, too. That’s the only talent it’ll take, right?

Watch out..

I know I’ll have fun, but by Sunday evening, I’ll probably emit photons when I drop back to a lower orbit. I’ll just be a quivering pickle on a plate with no glow.

Thank you for listening, jules