a parent orientation at my kid's college

A $ingle Purpo$e

Tomorrow, I go with Nick to his college orientation.

No, I didn’t have to go. I didn’t have to sign up for the parent segment of the orientation either. Nick’s best friend is also going tomorrow and his mom likes for things to be organized. She’s the type of person to sign up for the bonus orientation for parents. I usually like that about her, but I’d rather have a weekend to walk around campus and enjoy a long lunch at a sidewalk cafe with a notebook and a book on the table next to me. Instead, I’m going to two and a half days of parent orientation at my son’s college.

Here’s my version of parent orientation:

  1. Your kid is going to college.

  2. You are staying home.

  3. You will miss him.

  4. He will miss your lasagna.

  5. He will bring home a huge pile of laundry for occasional weekends and breaks.

  6. He will experience the rich love of learning at his college. Just kidding. He will experience his first hangover at his college.

  7. He will probably change his major at least once.

  8. He might graduate.

  9. You still have purpose.

  10. You pay for college.

  11. He can get student loans if you fail your purpose.

Get the picture? So, what else could I possibly need to know about being a parent with a kid in college that I need to go to this parent orientation?

Tomorrow, I’m going to find out.

Thank you for listening, jules