It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Stress

Did you ever have the perfect storm of events all happening on one day?

Today, there are five things that I want to go do and, at best, I can make it to three. That’s only if I get cracking right now and only if I get stuff done right now.


I also want to sit here with you for a minute. I haven’t vented. I haven’t cheered. I haven’t told you my innermost wishes for this new season. I haven’t told you how I’m worried I’ll peak too soon, how I’ll sing Christmas songs from Black Friday on (for which I stayed in my pajamas and bought nothing) to some time the week before Christmas actually happens when I suddenly get sick of the whole endeavor and turn the cheerful songs off in frustration. I just don’t know if I can make it through four weeks of merriment.

That’s what it takes these days, doesn’t it?

I’d rather take a couple weeks to think about what the season means to me first, the way I do on Thanksgiving Day, a quiet gratitude. I’d like to work on smaller gifts that really connect me to the recipient, maybe homemade gifts this year.

Oh my God, I have to make my friend Rachael a quilt by Christmas! How am I going to get a quilt done in four weeks, even a lap quilt? And if I make a quilt for Rachael in my copious spare time, don’t I have to make quilts for all of my best friends? Can I just substitute something of equal or greater value? And what about a baby quilt for my niece who is expecting any moment? And what about my sister? I have a partially-finished quilt for her already. Can I get that done in time to send it across the country to arrive before Christmas? If I even walk into my sewing room, there are five quilts that beg for me to make them. Plus, I need to make something for each of my students, something meaningful, quick, and economical. What would that be? Something that a variety of children would appreciate? And when will I figure out what to do for Nick? He’s an adult now. What do I make for him? And poor Mike has never been given a quilt yet. Can you imagine? I’ve been quilting for twenty-eight years and I’ve never finished the quilt for Mike. He wants it to be hand-stitched. That’s the problem. Hand stitched. When? When can I do all of this marvelous work?

After I come home from all of my parties tonight.

Thank you for listening, jules