It's Always Something

I have to admit that I’m in a bad mood because I washed my favorite dress and managed to get clumping cat litter stuck onto it. Then, I had to pick it all off piece by piece and rewash it. It was all in how I rolled it into a towel after rinsing it. Usually that’s a good idea. This time, I made the error of spreading the towel out on the laundry room floor so I could roll it up more easily. Big mistake. I’m behind. I’m really behind since I was sick for eight weeks. There are things that haven’t been done.


Men just don’t vacuum the way women do. Don’t tell Mike or Nick I said that. I LOVED that they cleaned the house when I was sick. Can you picture an eighteen year old guy hugging his mom and pulling out the vacuum cleaner after just one request?

It was awesome.

Except that they vacuumed the living room but not the stairs, the kitchen but not the laundry room, the floors but not the cobwebs on the ceiling. They did dishes, but didn’t wipe the counters. They collected the leaves in the yard waste bin, but didn’t rinse the leaves out of the bird bath.

Are all women detail freaks or is it just me?

So, I was supposed to be reading my book, American Gods this morning. That Shadow is hot and the cool thing is that he’s kind of my age so that doesn’t have to be creepy. It’s what I love about books. The characters become your characters. Shadow looks a little like Mike.

But instead of reading my book as long as I wanted to, I recognized that this house does not spin right without my version of maintenance. Plus, I was happily reading on the couch, tucked into my favorite dress and blankets, when Seth jumped onto my lap to snuggle, the blankets shifted, and a waft of foul air met my nose. Ew!

I showered yesterday. I was not exactly the problem. It was my beautiful dress.

So, I unceremoniously dumped Seth onto the floor and got up to get some stuff done. He walked away as if it had been his idea, but he was miffed. I could tell by the way he twitched his tail.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realized the importance of doing the cleaning in the right order, cat litter first, then clean-but-wet-favorite dress pressed into a dry towel before hanging it. It’s much more work when you do things in the wrong order.

Thank you for listening, jules