Colds, Flat Tires, and Saggy Breasts

I’ll admit that this has been a hard week.

Nick got sick and missed all of his finals. A couple of his teachers, after I sent emails, still haven’t responded. The other teachers have been very kind. It’s still a hard week despite the kindhearted teachers.

I had an almost flat tire when I was at the dog park and realized that I didn’t know how to change a tire for my car. I managed to limp home and air up my tire there. Luckily, it stayed inflated while I was at work. My boss offered to help change it if I needed him to help. It’s still a hard week despite a thoughtful boss.

The next day, I had to get a mammogram. I was overdue. The technician was funny. When she clamped my breast into place, she said, “Now, don’t you go anywhere. I need to flatten these things.” You know, it hurts when you laugh and your left breast is pressed so tightly between two plates that you can’t move. She managed to keep from bruising me like the one two years ago did. It’s still a hard week despite a funny mammogram technician.

After that, I noticed that my tire had gone low again, so I stopped at my tire store to make an appointment. He got my car in and out in just a few minutes and said the tire repair was free. It’s still a hard week despite a generous tire salesman.

I caught Nick’s virus and went to work a little sick yesterday. My coworkers covered for me and sent me home early. It’s still a hard week despite helpful coworkers.

I didn’t get to the grocery store yesterday because I felt like crap. Mike picked up what we needed and stopped to get pizza for dinner. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad a week after all.

I’m surrounded by kindhearted, thoughtful, funny, generous, helpful, and loving people. I intended to complain here, but everybody gets colds, flat tires, and saggy breasts. Not everybody is as lucky as I am regarding the people in their communities.

Thank you for listening, jules