The Way Out

Why is this story about my cat so important? Why do I need to do this before I finish the story about Mike and I in the wilderness, our love story? Or any of the others waiting in the queue?

An insecurity recognizes itself in a mirror. It may not have a name for itself. It may not be labeled. For God’s sake, don’t label it publicly, right? Turning up an underbelly to this culture of cruelty could be fatal.

Ultimately, I looked at a terrified kitten in the corner of the euthanasia room, and I recognized his need to escape. It was frustrating to try to tell him I wasn’t the same as his fear. And I knew I was ridiculous, lying face down on the floor of the euthanasia room, trying futilely to get this cat towh let me approach, but I recognized myself in him.

I didn’t know exactly how to help him yet, but I knew that he was my soul’s twin, someone who needed to see the exit. Oh, I didn’t intentionally show it to the world, but the parallels were there.

And I wanted to be the exit for this guy. I needed him to have a way through the same way I needed to see that path myself.

Thank you for listening, jules