All Kinds of Karma

It's been a shitty couple of weeks. We have water now, but there are still a couple of half-empty jugs sitting in the bathrooms. Or you could say they're half-full but I'm not inclined. I just gave the neighbor a check for a few hundred dollars for the new pump even though the one we had was still under warranty but the people who installed it couldn't work on it for three or four weeks. Did I already tell you about that? Can you tell I'm still pissed? What good is a warranty if the people supporting it don't support it?

That was a Yelp moment. I like being able to tell my truth on Yelp and helping out gullible people who might have been tempted to use the crappy company who installed our dead/warrantied pump last year.

Then, I had to fight with Nick to get him to submit a change form to drop or change three shitty classes from his schedule. If he didn't choose them and doesn't want to take them, how can they be called electives?

And my stomach has been messed up for the past three days. Yeah, I know I shouldn't say it. Nobody wants to hear about this. Shit.

In the meantime, Mike got disgusted at the thought of giving another $500 to a plumber. this guy didn't really clear shit from the drain the first time he charged us $500 to spend fifteen minutes with a snake in the drain a month ago. Mike went to Home Depot, spent $25 on an extra-long snake, and rammed that thing through a great lump of shit clogging the drain. And now, we don't have shit and dish water backing into the utility sink any more. Yay Mike!

I called home this morning because it was my mother's birthday. My sister was there too and we all got on the phone in a three-way conversation. I started in on Nick's shitty schedule, the shitty warranty for the water pump, my digestive disorders, and finally the shit in the sink. At the point in the story I had worked up to one more form of sewage, my sister started giggling when I tried to tell  her how I felt. Shitty.

Yeah, I have to bleach the shit out of the shit that's left in the sink. My sister tried to sound sympathetic, she did, but she was mostly giggling as she tried, so it didn't work. Then, my mom started giggling and then I even snorted once, but I still felt like shit so it didn't make me feel better until later when I was on my way to work and began to think about it. Then, when I was late for work because construction blocked one lane of traffic to lay some pipes, it hit me. Were they sewage pipes? They probably were.

  • No water. Shitty water pump warranty.
  • Shitty senior schedule.
  • Sewage shit in the sink.
  • Shit brewing in my gut.
  • Shit to flow through the pipes that crossed the road where construction made me late for work. 

God, I must have looked like a lunatic as I passed that flagger laughing until my cheeks hurt. It was finally my turn to get past shit in the pipes.

Maybe I was a real shit in a previous life. Tell me, do you believe in karma?

Thank you for listening, jules