Preparing for a Pill

This is Nick's first day of Senior year. It should have been an event, but it wasn't. Well, not really.

Can I complain?

Teddy is sick. The other day, I bought kitten food for Seth because he's gotten too skinny and we needed to fatten him up. In all the excitement of new kibbles, I gave two kibbles to Teddy which he gobbled down happily. Two. I'm talking about the lentil-sized kitten kibbles. Last night, he walked around the house, moaning, waking Nick up, and puking all over the carpet. Poor baby. I didn't wake up. I'm not sure why. He wouldn't even eat his cookie last night at bedtime. It's my fault, completely my fault.

Then, my pinky finger, for some unknown reason, feels like it's broken. I'm not sure if I hurt it last Friday at Wild Waves or if it's some autoimmune thing from missing a few doses of medicine. It's probably the medicine. But it still feels like it's broken.

That's not enough, right? 

Mike's back is bothering him from doing too much work around the house for the last couple of days. Plus, he's been too busy to do his normal exercise routine at the Y. So, he's hobbling around the house right now. You know, when people can't stand up quite straight and you can tell something is out of alignment. He looks like that.

We have house guests arriving this afternoon. We haven't even met our friend's wife yet. She could be nice, easygoing, wonderful. We could have a great time.

Or she could be a pill. We have no idea. We're preparing for a pill.

The house hasn't looked this good in a while. We all feel like shit, but the house looks pretty good.

Thank you for listening, jules