When Life and House Guests Collide

My vacation is over. Let's see. I may have broken my finger, but somehow we were too busy for me to get an x-ray until our guests left. I'll find out tomorrow.

Teddy, the dog got sick and we still went to see the Space Needle and Pike Market. Mike dropped him off early in the morning after he hadn't eaten for two days. The poor guy had to see the vet on his own and we picked him up on our way home afterward. I felt like a heel when the vet called to ask how he was doing.

Then finally, when Nick got sick, I excused myself from going on the day's excursion so I could make him tea and soup and both of us could hang out on the couch with Teddy to watch stupid stuff on TV.

It was one of those weeks, you know the kind of weeks I mean, when absolutely everything goes wrong and the house guests stay for a week anyway and expect to be entertained. My vacation is finally fucking over. Thankfully.

Thank you for listening, jules